About the Oaks Hotel

The Oaks Hotel, at The Oaks, has always been a big part of the local community. 

The Oaks Hotel was built in 1863 as a weight-station for travellers, on the Burrangong Road. Later it became a famous Sanatorium-hospital for patients recovering from Tuberculosis - the relative high altitude of The Oaks was considered conducive to their health. 

In the early days it boasted gardens, tennis courts, a skating rink and a billiards room as attractions. 

In 1939 the Hotel burnt down and was completely re-built. Part of the original hotel remains behind the present hotel today. 

In early 2019 the Hotel was extensively renovated, making it more family-friendly, more comfortable for multi-generational get togethers. 


Our delicious food and drinks are now matched by our beautiful new look and atmosphere.


Come in and try you won't be disappointed! 


36 John Street,

The Oaks

NSW 2570

P: (02) 8710 3519

E: theoaks@laundy.com.au

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